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Healing Circle: Friends, as many of you know, Cuca underwent major surgery to remove a brain tumor .During the procedure, Cuca suffered seizures and an unforeseen stroke when in surgery. Needless to say, Cuca’s health is quite vulnerable; dire. Although Cuca remains critical but stable, she has shown positive signs, and is progressing, however slowly. Cuca is still susceptible to further physical inflictions. We ask you to please join us in prayer for Cuca. Cuca needs “woo” now more than ever. We want to be able CHANT to the universe in hopes that we are heard. Our goal is to manifest HEALING for Cuca. And that this circle will reach Cuca, someway, somehow. We will provide “some” candles: love and light is needed.You are more than welcome to bring your own. THIS IS AN OUT DOOR EVENT . SOCIAL DISTANCE AND MASK REQUIRED. WE WILL BE STREAMING THIS LIVE AS…

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