God is Everything, 3D


-Wall mounted


-3D framed sculpture

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The Nyame has its in origins in West Africa and were adopted into the cultures of the people of the Caribbean.  The meaning “God is everything” still remains strong today.

This beautiful wall mounted piece rests at 32×26 inches and is made of plaster and paper mache.  Handcrafted by Cuca in 2007, it is a pristine classic and represents the soul of all her art and is waiting to bring peace and tranquility to your home or office.

*”Set Your own Price” and **Payment Plan Available!  All proceeds go to support Cuca and her recovery.



*”Set Your own Price”:  option to contribute to the fundraiser beyond the regular price of the art piece.  “Set Your own Price” not available with payment plan at this time.  Piece is available after final installment is received.

**Payment Plan: option to pay the regular price with installments.  Not available with Payment Plan at this time.

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