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Its been about 5 weeks since Cuca was discharged from the hospital and she couldnt be happier! 3 days each week she has therapy appointments and they put her through the wringer!! She often comes home exhausted and naps. her therapies include: speech and writing therapy, physical therapy, and occupational (functional) therapy. When she isnt at a therapy appointment, she has many tools at home to help her recover. her favorite right now is a stationary under-desk bike pedal machine. She has also started to draw and paint!! Albeit, with her right for now, she is working hard everyday to improve. Cuca does have a long way to but she has come a mighty long way already!

Mother’s day has come and gone. Myself and my 2 brothers were able to visit our mom at her nursing home where she is recovering. We are seeing improvement in her motor functions. She is still is far from walking on her own. Thankfully, she has now been moved to a dedicated rehabilitation facility in Chicago where she is receiving several hours of various therapies each day. The program at this facility lasting 3-4 after which she will be coming home! We have a lot to do in preparation of her return! With the help of the community, family and friends we have been able to purchase a wheelchair accessible minivan. Thank you to our friend, Nadi, and to the dealership owner, Oren, who helped us work out a deal and find the best vehicle we could. With this vehicle, we can help her get to all of her appointments…

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