4/16/2021 Big Milestone!

4/16/2021 Big Milestone!

I’m happy to report good news! Earlier this week, my mother took her first few steps since her surgery! She did have medical staff there to support her but this is a huge sign of improvement! Just a few days before, I was able to visit her and she was able to lift her left leg while sitting, open and her close her hand, and rotate her wrist! She still has to regain the strength in her muscles that have suffered sever atrophy. To get her to this goal, her physical therapy has increased in intensity and frequency. Talking with her, she is ready and determined to do what it takes to come back home, be with her family and continue making art!!

Thank you all for the continued support and prayers!

A small plug: we are at The Mercado on Division Street in Chicago every weekend selling her art. We know she would be there involved in the community. All proceeds go to paying for her therapy and medical needs. Check out the art we have posted on this online gallery or come visit us this weekend! New Tshirt designs featuring her art are on their way!!!

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