Cuca has tested positive for the covid virus!

The entire facility went on lockdown for 2 weeks when one patient was confirmed positive. I discovered this when they canceled the meetings I had scheduled with Cuca, including the one on her birthday. This week we were informed that she too now has tested positive and will now reset the counter of when she will be allowed visitors. This makes us very concerned as her health may not be at an optimal level yet. I have been able to speak with her and the nurses assisting her twice this week and so far she has only exhibited mild symptoms like a slight cough while her vitals remain stable. They are monitoring her closely. Very importantly, she continues to be in good spirits and her mental faculty seems more normal as time goes on. Please, continue to keep her in your prayers especially as she is considered high risk!

This comes shortly after news that she would not be continuing in the physical therapy program. She finds herself in a limbo between graduating one program and not being strong enough for the next compounded by insurance complications. So, she remains at her current facility with no where else to go at this point. We are continuing our search for another facility with a physical therapy program for her… In the meantime, with great thanks to the donations of her friends, family and the rest of the community, we have been able to secure a private therapy program for her. She is starting at 30 minutes a day and will soon progress.

As of yet, no movement has come from the left side of her limbs, but the left side of her face is very responsive and appears near normal. REMEMBER: the window for greatest improvement is in the first year! She still has a lot of opportunity and that is why I continue to say that time is on our side.

Thank you all for continuing your donations and art purchase. It is an answer to prayers.

Please remember Cuca in your prayers and send her good healing energy!


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