I was able to see my mom yesterday at the nursing home where she has been for the past 4 weeks or so. She is showing signs of improvement being more mentally there, holding longer conversations and recollecting facts. It was difficult however, , , she started crying telling my brother and I she was tired of being there and wanted to come home. We cried together. Some comfort was found when we told her she only had one more leg of physical therapy to go through. It was a good visit and we were able to stay with her for about an hour since we were the last appointment.

The final leg of her PT is where we are finding some difficulty now. The current facility will soon reach the end of their program and this will trigger medicaid to stop paying for it. We are desperately looking for the next location that can meet the PT needs to continue her progress but it is proving difficult. Complications caused by the current medical industry and medicaid are causing delays. My Ti turned to facebook to encourage sharing from anyone who may have helpful information.

This week, Mami also met with the radiologist. She will soon be starting radiation therapy for 6 weeks, 5 days a week. There are also risks involved here. Since the remaining fragments of the tumor are very close to her eye there is a chance she could go blind in her right eye. The therapy will also cause her to lose appetite (weight loss) and she also may lose some hair. This is the last major medical hurdle.

Last week, it was found that Mami had a urinary tract infection, E. Coli bacteria, and too much ammonia in her blood. The ammonia could be a result of the powerful antiseizure medication she has been on for 2.5 months. The neurologist has since started to ween her off. It should should strengthen her kidney and liver while also reducing the hallucinogenic side effects. We are still investigating the causes of her urinary tract infection and E. Coli.

On a good note, she also met with the neurologist last week and he said Mami talking about making money, art and her business was a very good sign in her mental recovery. Overall, he is happy with her progress. Mami is also regaining feeling in her left-side fingertips and toes! This is a good sign and there is still more time for improvement!

Thank you every one for your support thus far and in the future!


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