2/13/21 + Fundraiser!

2/13/21 + Fundraiser!

This weekend we are having the first fundraiser for Cuca! Show your support in person or virtually. This weekend is going to be a cold one so bundle up if you will brave the elements!

Visitation capabilities are opening up as restrictions ease. This week, Cuca was visited by two of her sons and she was excited to see them. The visit was short but they were able to show her love and support. Seeing her was such a joy and fresh of breath air. She is looking stronger is regaining more control over her motor functions, her eyes, head and arm. She does physical and mental exercises everyday. Still, no movements from the left side of her body but there is still plenty window for more recovery in that area. They have introduced soft foods into her diet, albeit there are still concerns about her ability to chew so the feeding tube will remain attached for now.

Thank you all for your continued support!

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