Hola, mi querida familia!  Well, Cuca made a huge leap today. She was finally transferred to rehab!  She has been placed in a facility located in  Glenview, IL.  She’ll most likely be there for a few weeks, then ‘graduate’ to more advanced Rehab at Lutheran when she gets stronger to succeed in their intense regimen.
For now, Cuca continues to wake up. Not aIways talkative,  but definitely more present. She will remain with the feeding tube for now. They’re giving her soft food, but still not consuming enough calories or nutrition. The feeding tube thus remains a must. She has lost 23 pounds since she was initially admitted.

This next phase is gonna be rough. This is where the work to get her body back with movement/rehab begins, and it’s not gonna be easy. We pray that she remains motivated and fully participates as much as she’s capable to.  Her mental state of mind will partly determine the speed and success of her recovery. We must continue to pray for her and to envision her well so Cuca’s total healing will continue to manifest. We got her!  Most importantly,  God has her!

On a final note, Me, some friends and one of her son saw her today for a couple of mins when the ambulance transferred her to the new place.  It brought all four of us so much joy!  Felt so good to see her sweet face. It’s been seven long weeks, so such a treat!
I think it also helped uplift her spirit as well.

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