Yesterday, Cuca drank her first cup of coffee! She passed her swallowing test which is amazing news!!! It has been difficult for her to talk and she has not tasted food since the surgery. Since she could not swallow, the nurses were wetting her mount with a sponge. As you might imagine, it was difficult for her to talk at times since her mouth would get really dry. It broke our hearts when she would communicate that she was thirsty. There is a feeding tube going directly into her stomach that would provide her with plenty of nutrients and water but it might be hard to imagine not drinking or tasting food for so long for those of use who’ve never experienced it.

Her mental awareness is really good although she does not respond verbally very often. On a positive note, she will soon be transferred to a physical therapy program! It will take place at the either the current facility or a different one.

Thank you all for your prayers!


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