January 5th, 2021

January 5th, 2021

Cuca was removed from ICU after the removal of the shunt that was helping relieve pressure from fluid buildup in her brain. The community was excited for this progress! However doctors and those who spoke with her through video call quickly noticed she was less responsive and didn’t spoke less. CT scans showed she was experiencing a condition known as hydrocephalus, where deep tissues in the brain retain more fluid that eventually put pressure on the surrounding tissues. The doctors quickly recommended they install a permanent shunt (drain) in her skull that will drain excess brain fluid into her abdomen. This should not affect her ability to live a normal life. Instead, after the procedure tomorrow (Wed., 1/6/20) doctors expect her to be much more awake and responsive. This will help her in so many ways from psychologically seeing her own progress to allowing he medical staff to plan her physical therapy.

On an up note, this morning Cuca moved her left hand upon command! Although not as smooth or controlled as her right hand, it is a huge milestone in the right direction! Doctors estimate Cuca will require 9-12 months of intense physical therapy in order to return to a normal life. There is hope, there is ALWAYS hope.

The journey will be a long one, but with everyone’s help and prayers she will get through this and return to a fulfilling life!


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