We Stand United with Cuca

We Stand United with Cuca

Through the trials of life, we rely on those closest to us. We have all been touched by Cuca’s life and will continue to shine on her and each other through the ups and downs.

It is our hope that we can continue to sell the creations of an artist who has made such an enriching impact on the Afro-Caribbean community in Chicago. We still don’t know the degree of impact this will have on her life; its a daily journey. We do know that Cuca will not be able to make art for a period of time. Before the surgery, she repeatedly told us, “Art who is who I am. I will not stop making art”. So we are featuring a gallery of her original and printed art: a variety of sculptures, paintings, and jewelry.

New to the lineup, we are excited to create Tshirts to show our support for Cuca during this time!


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