Wed., December 2, 2020

Wed., December 2, 2020

When you wake up you usually expect the day to be like most others: A day that fades into the year with the ebb and flow of responsibilities and accomplishments. For us, Cuca’s sons, this day started much like this. Known by many as a local Chicago business owner, Cuca the artist, known by some as friend, known by some as tia, nieta, hermana, and known by three as mami. In the evening of 12/2/20 Cuca was admitted to the hospital for a series of tests after two of her sons witnessed her collapse. No one expects a day to turn for the worse and much less to receive a call from your mother telling you she has a peach-size brain tumor behind her right eye.

Cuca the artist, the mother, the sister, the person that means so much and has touched so many lives had brain surgery on Monday December 13, 2020 to remove a tumor in her brain. The doctor reassured the family they were almost certain the tumor was benign. That provided a bit of relief as we braced for the impact of complications, although she was in a stable condition, which occurred during surgery whose fullness will remain unknown until she wakes up. All we could do was wait and pray.

At the time of writing this, Cuca has been in the hospital for 3 weeks total. It has been 8 long days since the surgery come to a completion and each day spent glued to our phones waiting for some update about Cuca… praying, fasting, believing she will pull through. I’m glad to report, after 7 agonizing days of not being able to speak or open her eyes, Cuca has opened her eyes, spoke her name and even asked for water!

It has been a tough experience to this point with more progress and adversity to come. But, Cuca has been fighting hard to bounce back. Her family is proud of her, her community is proud of her and her people are proud of her. She encapsulates her art which portrays a people beautiful and strong who stand above in the face of adversity. Mi gente, we are strong! Cuca Strong!

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